Gebr Dings

Gebr. Dings is part of HP van Nieuwkerk, one of the larger cut flower importers and exporters in the west of the country. Thanks to our great purchasing power combined with local knowledge of the market, we are able to work in a particularly customer-oriented way.

As a result, Gebr. Dings always knows how to surprise you with daily fresh cut flowers of the best quality.

Throughout the day, from Monday to Friday, fresh cut flowers are supplied at Dings. These are also available in smaller quantities.
The combination of the best quality and a wide range makes Dings the ideal partner for you as a florist.

Daily fresh cut flowers

Fresh cut flowers

Gebr. Dings

Fresh cut flowers


Opening hours


05.30 - 20.00 hour


05.30 - 20.00 hour


05.00 - 10.00 hour


08.00 - 12.00 hour


Floralaan 84
5928 RB Venlo
The Netherlands
P 0031-(0)77-3871152

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Gebr. Dings

At Gebr. Dings, fresh cut flowers are supplied daily. These are also available in smaller quantities.


Fresh flowers arrive daily through the major auctions. But also through our own purchasing at the Herongen auction and from growers in the Euregion.

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